Sex Games for Asian Escorts

To maintain a successful, happy, and long lasting relationship or marriage, you need a way to have fun with your spouse. Playing sex games for couples is one of the best ways to bring more fun into your relationship. In fact, some people book asian escorts with the main objective of playing sex games with them. Here are some of the best sex games that you can play with your spouse.

The F’Ing Truth

This is a card game whose premise is the fact that we all have sex, so why don’t we talk about it. This game makes talking about sex in a special way easier. A player picks cards prompting them to ask their spouse questions. For instance, a player may be prompted to ask whether the spouse has ever had sex the same day they met a person. Whenever the spouse answers “yes” the partner crosses off one square on the F’board. When a person gets five squares crossed first, they win the game. This is a game for partners that are not afraid of disclosing sex secrets. You can also play this game with your woman while relaxing after a tiring day.

Sex Dice

This is a great foreplay game. It entails rolling the dice and doing what they dictate. Some of the things the dice can require a spouse to do include kissing and massaging. A person is expected to do what exactly the dice dictates. This is a classic game that makes foreplay more fun and easy. Before you know it, you will find yourself making love spontaneously when you play this game.

Let’s Play Doctor

This is a great sex game to play with your wife, girlfriend, or companion. It’s a role play game that provides a wide range of erotic scenarios that fuel imaginations of spouses. Though the game may sound cheesy, it provides a chance to try out different scenarios and personas that fuel sexual imagination. It provides an opportunity to get out of sexual comfort zone without feeling guilty.

Stripped Down Twister

To play this game, you just need a twister. It’s basically a classic game that is played with less clothing. Whenever a spouse falls, they remove one layer of their clothing. This is a fun game that enables spouses to show off their flexibility with a possibility of discovering new positions.

Sex games for couples provide a great way to explore sexuality and have more fun. Try these games with your girlfriend, wife, or asian escorts to spice up your sex life.


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